No Fear, Chai is Here!

“Chai” also known as tea is a very essential part of Indian culture. I mean it’s not always only about the chai….okay I lied. Chai is so heartwarming with such a beautiful aroma, that I can’t help but love it. Whenever my family and I visit someones house the only thing I can think about is the hot chai waiting for us!

I can never get tired of drinking chai, I mean it has become such a necessity in this day and age. If there was no chai, then life would be very monotonous. I wake up and think of chai, and I go to sleep with the thought of waking up to the smell of chai. Not only is chai an excellent way of socializing, but it also a great way of avoiding certain questions. I have provided a demo for you below:

Demo 1 

Aunty: When do you plan on getting married?

Me: Would you like some chai?

Demo 2 

Aunty: What are your plans for after graduation?

Me: I make very tasty chai, why don’t I make some for you?

As you can see, chai has become a tool for avoiding life changing questions as well pretending to feel comfortable at occasions such as weddings, family gatherings, and things of that nature. I mean I remember attending one event where I made more conversation with my chai than I did with people. I know it sounds pretty weird, but chai is an excellent support system as well. Now you may be wondering…support system??? Allow me to explain through the demo below:

Person A and Person B meet at a cafe for chai. They’re enjoying themselves and making an interesting conversation…until person B’s friend (Person C) comes into the picture (drum rolls please). At this point Person A feels neglected. I mean come on how would you feel if your friend ignored you to make conversation with someone else? Well, there comes the support system I was referring to earlier. You look at the cup of chai sitting on the table staring directly at you in desperation (violins play). As Person B is making conversation with person C…Person A slowly sips on the chai and nods their head in agreement with whatever the conversation may have been at that time. Chai gives people something to do in such awkward situations… it can’t get better than this!

Don’t be afraid to utilize this tool when faced with such situations, I am sure it will help you! Let’s quickly recap….chai can be used to avoid questions about marriage, career plans, and awkward situations. Now I will go drink some chai..have a great rest of the day!


4 thoughts on “No Fear, Chai is Here!”

  1. Very well done Manisha! Couldn’t stop laughing at your demo part 🙂
    This reminds me of some funny incidents from our daily lives as we talk about “chai”.
    “Chai Piyo Mast Jiyo”. Keep up the good work !

    Liked by 1 person

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