Women Empowerment

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One day I was traveling by train in New York City, and I was standing as there were no seats available. Standing next to me was a lady, and facing her was a man. From the corner of my eye I noticed that he kept looking at her in an inappropriate manner. At this point I decided to look at him until he realized what he was doing was not acceptable. After a few minutes he realized I was looking at him and he looked away. I mean does any one deserve to be looked at with such a disgusting eye? Now ask yourself… do you see this happening around you? Does it really make you wonder why this happens?

I would like to take this time to speak to you about another scenario similar to this one. A few years ago when I had visited India, I was once again faced by that same uncomfortable feeling I had gotten from seeing that man in the train in New York City stare at that woman. I was walking in the neighborhood with my family, and I felt a lot of stares in my direction. At that point I could not wait to go home. The next day I had decided to stay home, when my family was leaving to go to the shopping mall. Many days after this experience I had decided to stay in the house, because I did not want to go through that same uncomfortable feeling.

A few years ago a brutal rape took place on December 2012 in New Delhi. This rape case had really moved me, and left me with tears in my eyes. There was a lot of controversy regarding this case, and I have not forgotten it. The woman had died from the brutality of the rape. I remember that day clearly…when I woke up I saw my mom crying in front of the television screen, and that is when I realized that this innocent woman had died. Why did she die? Why did this happen to her? Many leaders took it upon themselves to comment on this rape case. One such comment made by a “leader” in the spotlight was: Asaram Bapu- Also referred to as “Godman”:  “She should have taken God’s name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said “I consider you as my brother” and should have said to the other two “Brother I am helpless, you are my brother, my religious brother.”

How absurd does that sound? There were many other comments made by such leaders. If you would like to read more about them, the link is attached to this blog post. I want to take this time to emphasize that these issues are global, and that I am driven to make a change in this world on a global platform You must now be saying to yourself…why write a blog about this? Go do something instead. Well, writing is very powerful, and I hope to inspire others to want to make a change in this world as well. The purpose of my blog is to speak on issues that are faced by women and girls  globally.



1 thought on “Women Empowerment”

  1. You are right! Women should not be degraded or treated in such cruel manner.
    I am glad that you wrote about this, keep writing and spreading the word. Words are indeed powerful!

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