My trip to India

IMG_4486I am back with another blog post, after a very long time!

My recent visit to India was truly a memorable one. I was able to spend time with my family, and I learned how to appreciate life while remaining humble. Before leaving for India I had told my mother that I wanted to visit an orphanage during our time there. Amidst the craziness of my cousins wedding I had completely forgotten about this.

It was when my family and I were traveling to Rishikesh a few days prior to his wedding that I remembered that I had wanted to visit an orphanage. Luckily, my uncle knew of one which wasn’t too far from where we were at that time. As he was driving there I looked at my mother, and I noticed that she was very happy with the fact that we were going there.

The car stopped, and within the blink of an eye we were standing in front of the orphanage. I followed my uncle inside with my mother and the man at the front desk guided us through the orphanage until we reached the hallway all the way at the end. It was at that point that I realized I needed to hold my tears back.

I saw two rows of disabled children on wheelchairs peacefully sitting there. They all looked surprised when they realized that they had visitors and their transition to extreme happiness was amazing. Their reaction helped me understand how important our visit was to them. This may be the best part of their day, and that is why I truly believe we never know how much we can really help change a life until we actually do it.

After greeting all of them I started going up to them to talk to them and to express how lucky I felt to meet them. I also took a picture with a few of them, and I was truly honored to be able to do this. We stayed there for some time before we had to leave, but I truly hold that visit very close to my heart. As we were leaving one of the children insisted we take a picture with her, and we made sure we did. This made her so happy, I have never seen someone as happy as I saw her. At this point I thought to myself, that even if five minutes from our regular day lives were taken out to speak to these children…they would smile every day. As we were saying goodbye to all of them, they asked us to come back to visit them.

This visit to the orphanage helped me see why I was always so motivated in wanting to make a change in this world for the better. Our visit to the orphanage made those children smile, and for me that is a change right there.

I went to India in November, but even today I think of the happiness those children experience every time someone goes to visit them. I want to thank them for helping me realize why I want to help people.






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