Why Can’t You Be a CNN Hero?

CNN Hero
Picture this.
You decide to go visit a children’s orphanage to spend the time you have off after high school graduation as an act of kindness, but this turns out to be more than just a trip of service for you.

Normally at the end of your stay you usually reminisce on the good times you had, and your take away from the entire trip. Now imagine not leaving and instead staying to help fix problems that you witnessed during your stay there. On top of that imagine spending the money you had saved up to buy land in the country you visit to help assist in building a home for children who need it the most.

Well, I would like to introduce to you Maggie Doyne. She was the person who did actually do this in the story I told above. She visited Nepal, she saw that there was a need and not only did she stay but she used the $5,000 she was able to save from her babysitting job to create a home for these children.

I mean if this isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is. These days spending any kind of money from a savings account may cause a person to think twice..three times…four times….and even more. Maggie didn’t think about it twice or three times or four times BUT she trusted the kindness in her heart to change the lives of others.

The home Maggie had originally created is “Home” to over 50 children today, and the services provided in this school include those for women, health, and a learning space for many children.

Now it’s time to ask the ultimate question…why are you telling us this Manisha? We always hear about how much other people are accomplishing…we are tired of it. Yes, we are happy for them…but that’s about it.

No, no, no…let’s rewind a bit. Why does the story have to end there? At any point during this blog post were you inspired even a bit to ask yourself is this something you could do? Or what is stopping you from being a CNN Hero? Or maybe you don’t want to be a CNN Hero, and you just want to help from behind the scenes and don’t want any recognition for your work. OR maybe you just don’t want to help others.

Well, I do hope for those people who do not wish to help others that maybe this can make you ask yourself a few questions and inspire you to help others.

Now back to the people who do want to help others. I have been reading a lot of books and you know what I have come to understand…if you really are confident in yourself, like a 100% confident then nothing can ever stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Through this blog post I hope that you also understand that life is just so spontaneous. It really is…do you think Maggie ever thought she would stay in Nepal to help change the lives of so many children, women, and the people of Nepal? Do you think this was something she could have thought about before going to Nepal ? Just be open to such spontaneous moments, and embrace them. The spontaneous moments are the ones that make us human and ultimately make us who we are.

Now I just want you to ask yourself this question…Can I be a CNN Hero? Or rather can I be just be a hero to someone? You have the chance to help someone everyday…so why not start now?

Until next time…Take care & tell me stories of how you helped others!




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