Cooking- A Scientifically Complicated Art


Cooking…it has never been my thing. I have been looked at in many weird ways when I have announced my talent of not being able to cook. I mean you know it is something every woman or girl should learn how to do, because…..well just because that is the way society has everything set up. I have always questioned this reasoning, and by the look on my face people usually changed their reaction to “Cooking is something you should learn to do for yourself.”

Learning to cook is very important for you. Everyone needs to feed him or herself in a cost efficient manner and without the hassle of ordering food and then having to wait on it. Trust me I am not being a rebel by not having any interest whatsoever in cooking. Actually I am just being honest and it happens to go against the norm of society, which constantly advertises the fact that being a woman/girl entails being in the kitchen.

My mom tried to get me in the kitchen to learn how to cook some Indian food one day and that was a complete fail. When I say fail…please understand the emphasis of the word FAIL.

When I stepped into the kitchen (one of the last times) I could feel a knot in my stomach. It was as if I woke up on the wrong side of bed and fell on my head and for some odd reason decided to enter the kitchen.

As soon as I stepped into the kitchen I stood in the background hoping my mom didn’t even notice my presence, but oh trust me she did. She looked at me and pointed at a utensil she urgently needed for the dish she was cooking. I carefully reached for it but my inexperienced cooking hands would never allow me to complete such an easy task with ease. I ended up dropping the utensil.

I felt my inner self running out of body and making its way out of the kitchen. Of course, I just stood there with a blank face hoping my mom will ask me to leave the kitchen so I wouldn’t really have to take part in her cooking. She ended up ensuring me that mistakes are all a part of this process, and that we should continue to move forward.

I took out my notepad and pen pretending like I was interested in cooking, so my mom would ask me to leave earlier but that didn’t happen. When my mom reached for the spices she grabbed a handful and would place them into the dish. She would then point towards the dish and nod to ensure that this was the proper way of cooking and that I should mimic her steps. At the end of each one of these phases she would  also convincingly say…”So that is the amount of spices you will put into the dish.”

Wait…hold on…she was not measuring any of this. Rather this was all in her mind. I realized the notepad was useless and I put it back in my pocket. I stood there feeling extremely overwhelmed. I mean I didn’t know even the slightest bit about cooking and here I was learning to making Indian food from an expert. In the back of my mind I was amazed at how my mom did this, how could she make such tasty food without having to measure any thing? It was truly such an art, which although I was not a fan of I respected.

Eventually, I told my mom that this was not working out. I don’t think she realized this and she looked at me with such surprise. I told her again that this was not working out. Again she blinked and turned away. I felt as if she was disappointed in the fact that I may really just not have the desire to learn cooking.

After some time she came up to me and told me she respected my honesty, and I told her she was the best cook in my eyes but I would never be able to learn how to cook without actually measuring everything. She understood this and was appreciative of the time I did spend in the kitchen.

Cooking is truly an art, one that will not be mastered by me any time soon. It requires a lot of patience and interest. I really respect my mom and everyone who cooks for doing what they do. Learning how to cook is very important for self-survival. Being told that cooking is something a woman should know or learn how to do for her future “marriage”, etc is completely wrong.

This thinking has been embedded in our society for many years now, and food is something that everyone needs regardless of gender. So why make such an artistic masterpiece of a hobby sound like a chore?





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