Yes, I lift weights!

the gym

The gym.

This is the one place that has changed my life and has empowered me forever. It has allowed me to understand that I have the power to control how I feel every single day and that I never want to hand over that power to any one. I mean why should I? Why should I ever allow someone to dictate how I feel throughout the day, when I can dictate exactly how I want my day to go?

In the past I would always set a fitness goal for myself but I would never follow through with it. After each failure I asked myself where I fell short. It wasn’t until this past March that I really made a commitment to my health. I had gained a lot of weight because I was careless with my eating habits and I was barely working out. That is when I stood in front of the mirror and I told myself that I will never allow myself to feel the way I did in that moment. I could either continue with my horrible eating habits, or really care for my body and put it as my top most priority.

The key to the success in my journey so far has been that I look at this as a lifestyle rather than a specific goal I have to fulfill before a certain deadline. I love going to the gym, it is not just a part of my schedule. It is more than just something that I put in my calendar. I know that at the end of my session in the gym every day I will have improved in some way.

Well, now it’s time to answer the most important question…How has the gym really empowered me?

  • I feel more confident than ever, because I no longer doubt myself.
  • I feel proud of my hard work and my dedication, as it has been inspiring others to really think about their health and fitness too.
  • I feel at home when I am in the gym because it is the one thing which allows me to better myself every single morning.

Lifting weights has really brought my gym routine to an entirely new level.

Oh no wait………….

Did she just say she lifts weights? Why would she do that right? She should not be lifting weights?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this even before I got very serious in the gym. This didn’t really impact me in any way, but after lifting weights I have realized how these comments hold no significance at all. Lifting weights is more than just gaining muscle, it is about the real strength in your body. It is about erasing all doubts in your mind, and surpassing all the limitations we place on ourselves and on the amount we can accomplish. It is about allowing your mind and body to work as a team in order to really see improvements in the body.

If you go to the gym or are planning to go to the gym, please don’t allow these comments to shape your workout routine. I will never allow these comments to shape my workout routine, or the opinion others have of women lifting weights prevent me from lifting weights. These comments  are not empowering, rather the gym is. Taking out time from your day, and going to the gym is really your own choice. Don’t allow someone to make those choices for you.

I just want to end off this blog post by saying the following:

If you want to go to the gym, go!

If you want to lift weights, you should!

Don’t let any one tell you what you can or can not do in the gym as woman, because at the end of the day the gym is one of the most empowering tools, so why not use it?


2 thoughts on “Yes, I lift weights!”

  1. Manisha, I really loved this blog post. It makes me want to go to the gym more. I have been working on getting to the gym more often. I love this post!


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