Why I decided to Stop Wearing Make up


When I was younger I was never a girly girl, and as I started growing older I started becoming more and more acquainted with the idea of using make up. I mean to me it was an entirely different kind of world. I became in love with the idea of finding a tool to help beauty come to life.

Going from not applying any make up at all to not leaving the house without any was a surprisingly huge transition. Now when I look back at my relationship with makeup I realize that it had become such a deeply embedded part of my routine that I never even thought about it. Comparable to the idea of drinking water when the body is dehydrated. Do you question your body about whether or not it really needs water? Similarly that is how close makeup and I had grown.

Recently, I reflected on that specific aspect of my life and I simply asked myself the following question: “Will Manisha still be Manisha without the application of makeup?”

…….Most definitely she will!

Here are a few reasons why I decided to stop wearing makeup and maybe you could also relate!

  1. I started associating the use of makeup with enhanced beauty- For me makeup has become more of a necessity rather than a hobby. I strongly believes that I can be more of who I really am without using make up.
  2. Β I was talking to a friend of mine and we both agreed that not using make up saves so much time in the morning when getting ready, so why not? I can use that time to be productive in other aspects of my life.
  3. Not wearing make up allows the skin to breathe and most importantly it allows you to breathe! I haven’t been wearing make up for two days now and in all honesty I feel like a completely new person!

Make up is really an amazing tool and I have nothing against any one who uses it but from a personal experience…as a woman I have felt that I HAVE to wear make up in order to look presentable. I have realized that beauty is truly not defined through make up, rather it’s defined by who you are underneath the make up.


Tell me about your experience with make up, let’s get a conversation going!



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