Ambition, what a beautiful word. What an amazingly beautiful word.

Here is the dictionary definition of the word”A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.” The only reason why I provide you with the dictionary definition is because it will play a role later on in this post.

Last year I had gone to visit my family in India right after attaining my Masters. I was very excited to be reunited with my family and to be able to connect with them after some time. As the family was gathered together an uncle of mine made it a point to come across the living room in order to converse with me.

He congratulated me on getting my Masters and directly after that he emphasized that since I now have my Masters it is time for me to get married. Now here is where the word ambition plays a major role. I did give him an “ambitious” response. I told him that I was not looking to get married any time soon and that my career was my main focus. His response was surprising as he raised his eyebrows and giggled to himself. I stood there trying to analyze his response, but he soon walked away.

His response to my answer surely defined the perceived negativity associated with the word when it comes to women. I was always thrilled by the word, and trust me I became even more curious about it after his reaction.

Ambition is not a bad quality to have, and in no way should you have to feel that you have to limit it. Here is my perception of the word:

  1. Ambition= Goal-Oriented
  2. Ambition= Focused
  3. Ambition= True to oneself
  4. Ambition= Prioritizing what you think is important.
  5. Too Much Ambition= Not a bad quality at all. What is too much ambition any way?

If any one says that you are ambitious or rather too ambitious, I think you should just react with a smile and keep going about your day!

Stay ambitious my friends!




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