Emotional? Maybe. What’s wrong with that?


Interestingly enough as we all know everything in this world is categorized because…everything needs to be easily identified.

Well, breaking off of that idea we all know that women more times than none are always categorized as being overly emotional.

Well..she made that decision because she was probably on her period?

Well..she reacted in that way because she was probably on her period?

Well..she is breathing because she is probably on her period, right?

Why is everything connected to a woman’s period? Is a woman’s identity defined through her period? Doesn’t that sound completely wrong? I think so. I don’t think that even made sense but hey you get the point.

A very captivating article was actually written about this titled “Stop blaming PMS, You’re allowed to have emotions.” Β In this article Bekah Pollard captures the core of this topic very clearly.

We as woman need to be able to identify OURSELVES separately from our period before everyone around us can do the same. Whether or not you choose to be outwardly emotional is a choice you have to make on your own. It is vital to come to terms with the emotions you do decide to display. As Bekah puts it you can’t always blame your period for the emotions you display. Sometimes you just want to let out your emotions regardless of whether or not you are on your period, and trust me this is not a bad quality to have. Actually your extremely strong for doing it.

When you blame every emotion that comes your way on your period, you are feeding into the stereotypes of how women tend to act when on their periods. Be your own person, stand your own ground, and be proud of the emotions you face and display. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying in public if you choose to do so. You are not weak, or letting any one down. The only time you let yourself down will be when you blame your period for crying in public, but you aren’t even on your period…

Here isΒ Bekah Pollard’s article πŸ™‚Β 

Ladies keep smiling and being who you are!


Manisha Sareen πŸ™‚


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