Just…SMILE :)


Hi everyone!

From my recent encounters and conversations I have understood the importance of a single smile.

So I was returning from New York and I was waiting for my train to arrive. As I was getting ready to leave the station a man was walking towards me. As I smile at almost everyone I see I smiled at him and kept walking.

When I turned back around I found him right behind me, and was actually very shocked by what he had to say to me. He complimented my smile and told me I was the only person who smiled at him in the entire station.

I was actually very disappointed to hear the second part of what he had to say. Smiling can truly change how people view their world.

Now trust me I am not saying that you should stick a permanent smile on your face and constantly smile (Although I do this).  I mean I learned this the hard way because smiling at everyone doesn’t always result in the best outcome. Rather smile at people here and there and acknowledge them. It doesn’t hurt to just simply smile, and it is one of my favorite things to do.

A simple technique to be comfortable when smiling at others is to practice your smile in the mirror. I think this really does help with gaining self-confidence.

Besides the following interesting facts about smiling from Pick The Brain might even get you smiling right now:

  1. “Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood.”
  2. “Smiles are contagious”
  3. “It is easier to smile than frown.”
  4. “Smiles are more attractive than makeup”
  5. “There are 19 different kinds of smiles.”

Just one last thing..before you finish reading, don’t forget to smile 🙂




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