Are you a Communicator?


What is one skill which you have noticed is overly essential to every day life? What is one skill which makes or breaks a conversation? What is one skill which allows you to get the most value out of any conversation?

Yes, that is correct…COMMUNICATION!

Think about a time in your life when your communication skills were at a peak? What made you an awesome communicator at that point in your life? What made you comfortable with that situation? What was running through your mind when you were in that situation?

Now I want you to think about a time when communication was very weak in a certain situation in your life. What circumstances contributed to the weak communication that took place at that point in your life?

Let us now imagine that you and I are sitting across from each other at a coffee table. We scheduled a meeting to speak about our views on the kind of coffee you should sell for your business. What kind of mindset will you enter the meeting with? Have you already made your decision and are having this meeting just because? Have you thought about which coffee you would like to sell and are meeting to see if I would also pick the same coffee? What is the purpose behind why YOU showed up for coffee?

Now since you have understood why you are at this meeting? Is it possible for you to leave your point of view at the door? Is it possible to go into the meeting without any perspective/decision? If so, you are already setting yourself up for success, because you are going into the meeting to get the most value out of it. You will be utilizing the wealth of knowledge the other person will offer.

When you become a listener you are simultaneously becoming an amazing communicator. Try and be a listener for an entire day and notice how people automatically feel the need to speak to you!

Being a great communicator resides within the heart of a person, wishing everyone the best of luck with their next conversation!

Sending you infinite positive vibes,

Manisha Sareen
















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