Gender Equality.

These two words seem so simple, but they are so extremely complicated. The reason for numerous debates, the reason for many disagreements, and the reason for many assumptions of how women are incapable of accomplishing what they have already shown they have accomplished and much much more.

Here is the dictionary definition of the two words:”The state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender.”

I am in complete agreement with the definition of these words. Gender equality does not imply that one group of people has to be better than another, nor does it require any sort of competitive environment between the genders. So why has it come to be viewed in that light? Why is it that when a woman expresses herself regarding gender equality that she is seen as someone just looking for opportunities to criticize men?

Gender equality is in no way about putting men under a negative light. Rather, it is very much about uplifting both genders so that they can feel empowered to accomplish all that they have ever dreamt of. This is not about men vs. women. We are a team, we need to stand by one another in order for any type of progression to take place. Once we come to terms with that we will be able to move forward together. Let’s come together and support one another, because that is the only way in which we will make another step forward for gender equality.

Here are a few surprising facts about gender equality from Global Citizen which may leave you speechless:

  1. 2015: ONLY 21 women were heads of states in the world
  2. Approximately 150 countries have one “active sexist law”
  3. With every passing minute 28 girls are married off even before they are ready
  4. 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their life
  5. In similar jobs as men, women earn only 60 to 75 % of what their male counterparts earn
  6. There are 781 illiterate adults in the world- two thirds of them are women
  7. 63 million girls have not gone to school due to many circumstances

Let’s close this gender gap together

Sending a lot of optimism your way,

Manisha Sareen


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