The Randomness of Life

Have you ever bumped into a random person, and had an extremely deep conversation?  After the conversation is over you are left in awe because life is truly crazy. 

Random conversations are more often than none the best conversations in the world. The reason behind this is because you are speaking to someone you don’t know. This is how you know there will be no bias opinion involved, well for the most part.

So I had a very random conversation with a lady at Staples. This random conversation happened to be about what our passion in life-helping change the world. This random conversation turned out to be a very meaningful one. At one point I noticed her eyes tearing up and that is when I realized that we are definitely meant to cross paths with certain people for a reason. 

During our conversation she told me about the time when her son visited India. Upon his return he told her his experience there. I could tell that she was very sensitive towards this topic. Her son had mentioned to her the day he had gone to eat with his friends at a restaurant. He noticed all of these people who had arrived in BMW’s at the restaurant and were very well off. While every one was very well off, and her son could have easily went about enjoying the luxuries of life-his eye fell upon a few homeless children.  These children were desperately going from table to table begging for some food and money. Many of the crowds did not really pay any attention to them as they continued to enjoy the abundance of the food infront of them. Her son was heartbroken and left the restaurant.

This conversation was very essential to the both of us as I could see the tears starting to roll down her cheeks. From our conversation we concluded that her and I will continue to spread an infinite amount of goodness in this world, ultimately helping others realize the importance of helping one another. 

Many a times the human inclination is to avoid any kind of eye contact or making a random conversation with some one. The reason being can range from shyness to ultimately the fear of being judged. Any of these reasons are valid, and I completely understand. In addition to that I am also a huge supporter of being open to new conversations. Trust me when I say-when you start making conversation with some one all those fears dissolve. 

Keep me updated on your random conversations! 

With A lot Love,

Manisha Sareen


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