Conversations Over Chai


Hi Friends!

Every Sunday I will be hosting Conversations Over Chai! Originally, I had thought of titling my sessions Conversations Over Coffee, but I wanted to add a little unique twist to it.

I love Chai, my family drinks it religiously, so why not?

These sessions will consist of topics that will stick with you through out the week BUT these sessions are for YOU.

Please let me what you would like to read more about, and we will take it from there. Super excited to see what we can accomplish over these conversations!

Sending you a lot of positive vibes,

Manisha Sareen


2 thoughts on “Conversations Over Chai”

  1. What about one of topics from your previous posts and adding a little twist to it.
    Hard work..or smart work?
    And where and how are we going to have this conversation?
    I am actually looking forward to this Conversation Over Chai.


    1. Thanks Akanksha! I will definitely write about that! The conversation will be via the comment section at the bottom of the blog post. Please let meek now if you have any other ideas in mind, thank you!


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