Arunima Sinha…Beyond Inspiring.


Arunima Sinha-her story is an inspiration to many, because she made up her mind to accomplish a goal many deem as impossible. 

She was traveling on a train in India when 4 to 5 men robbed her of her jewelry and then threw her off a moving train. In this incident she lost her legs and even faced numerous issues in her back.

Well, this was not the end of her journey. She was not going to just give up, nor was she going to try to gain any sympathy from people for her current state. Many rumors were circulating regarding how the accident took place, and it was in that moment that she had decided she was going to climb Mount Everest. This goal would become her life, and she would overcome any obstacles that came in her way to do be able to do that.  

You know they say when you in YOUR own mind have decided you are going to accomplish something, then nothing in this world can stop you. Arunima is a living legend, and an inspiration to SO many people around the world. 

She received the Padma Shri award in January 2015 for her courage and never giving up attitude. We salute you Arunima, because you have created such an impact in the world. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing the world that you are enough. 

Watch her inspiring story here and read more in depth about her story here

Thank you once again Arunima for being so brave

Sending a lot of positivity your way, 

Manisha Sareen


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