Conversations Over Chai TAKE 1 !



Hello everyone!

Here we go, the first take of Conversations Over Chai!

Hard Work Vs. Smart Work

How Hard Are You Really Working? – I had published this blog post a couple of weeks ago. As I was growing up I always observed how hard my parents worked to give me the best possible future. Their work ethic transitioned into my daily life and I always put in my 150 percent into every thing that I did. The idea of smart work was introduced to me a couple of years ago, and IΒ am amazed by how a change in one word can change the entire meaning.

For many people the difference between hard work and smart work is huge. To me hard work is smart work. One question which stems from my previous statement is: If you work smart-are you not working hard? If we were to look at that question then how is hard work different from smart work?

Just a thought, I am very excited to hear about what you think!

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


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