Are You in Love With Your Life?


Hi Friends! When you read the title of this post what is one thing that you thought of right away? Did you want to jump out of your chair and yell to the world that you are in love with it? If you did not feel this reaction then what is missing? Life is SO beautiful. Regardless of the weather, or that you dropped your food on the floor, or you didn’t wake up on time for your day to begin- I would advocate that life is still very beautiful. Sometimes we tend to let one aspect of our day define our entire day. For example, if something did not go as expected then you will most likely start thinking about the other ways in which your is not what you want it to be.ย This creates a vicious never ending cycle. SO TOGETHER WE CAN PUT A STOP TO THIS NEGATIVITY. ย How?

Here are a few strategies I utilize in my own life that you can also start implementing:

  1. I start my day off by being thankful for everything that I have in my life. This is SOOOOO crucial. If you are not thankful for what you have-then that means you are not being able toย recognize the value of what you already have.
  2. Watching a motivational video. As I am getting ready for the gym in the mornings I usually play a video of my favorite inspirational speaker. This helps me set the pace for my day and the lessons stated in these videos really stick with me throughout the day.
  3. Smiling. I know this sounds really creepy, but TRUST ME. When you wake up you should smile. Just look around and smile. You know why this is justified? You are alive. What other reason do you need to smile?

You are AWESOME, You are AMAZING, and You just need to be YOU. Live your life passionately. Every single day of every single second. Other people who do not have the opportunities you have, would be so thankful to be in your shoes. Have a great day ahead!

Sending a lot of positivity your way,

Manisha Sareen


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