Kaur Project: This Interesting New Platform Tells Stories of Women From The Sikh Community

The purpose of this platform is to give the women of the Kaur community a voice. The website helps bring women of the same background together and to find a common ground in their daily conversations.
Spotlight time: Saji Kaur Sahota is the mastermind behind this project along with Kaur Lehail. This platform is not only a means for women to express their identity but it is a way for them to have in depth conversations about the complexity of their culture, identity, and their traditions. What an empowering tool!
This is definitely motivation for any one who is seeking to bring about a change in their own community. Remember that you can too do what these women have done in your own way. Are you passionate about keeping your community clean-then start a recycling page. Are you passionate about helping people-then start a page filled with quotes to empower them! There are SO many ways in which you can make a change. So…what are you waiting for?
Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,
With a lot of love
Manisha Sareen

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