Dangal (Wrestling Competition)

Good Morning Bloggers!


There is a very important lesson in every second of life. Whether it is a good lesson or not such a great one… well that is for us to decide. While I was home this weekend my parents and I watched a Bollywood movie called Dangal (Wrestling Competition).

Now I must say there were numerous lessons to learn through this movie. Any Bollywood fans out there? Calling once, calling twice, calling three times… Well I’ll just stop calling out as a computer screen can in no way shape or form respond to me. To make a long story, short-extremely short… this movie is about a man who was a wrestler in his younger days but was never able to win a gold medal for India.

For this reason he trains both of his daughters so that they can bring home a gold medal for India.ย His determination was relentless, but the people inย his society did not support this even in the slightest way. If he were to listen to their opinion then women would never be able to wrestle. Despite the negativity, he kept pushing.

What an intriguing concept and story! This was just such an inspiring story because it was based on a true story. These two sisters did winย numerous international medals despite the negativity they encountered from the society around them. These two women won against all odds and let it be known that they are indeed able to do what people thought couldn’t be done.

Imagine having the courage to do that? Imagine having the determination to train so hard that you are able to compete n a sport without being questioned about your capabilities? Imagine having the unshakeable faith that you will get a gold medal for your country?

Wait…why imagine? Why not you and why not now?

Have a great week!

Sending a lot of happy vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


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