When My Book Bounced!

Good Morning Bloggers,


I hope you are all having a great week so far!

If you have a huge family back home you will know exactly the sentiment associated with what I am about to talk about.

Imagine sitting down on your couch, all relaxed if I may add, ready to tackle a book that you have so desperately been waiting to read. Everything is all ready to go, including the cup of coffee you like to sip on occasionally (this cup can also be tea, or whatever you want it to be).

At that exact moment, you hear your mother in the far distant talking to your relatives in India. Now I must say when my mother speaks to our family in India she speaks so loudly that anyone down the block could hear her voice echo. I was in the living room and she was in the kitchen, so please try to visualize the sound of her voice bouncing off of the walls in the house. I blocked out the noise and turned to the first page of the book.

My mom walked into the living room and seated herself on the couch and as she did my book bounced right out of my hands. I did not react to this, but I tried to grab the book without moving as little as possible (FAIL).

Oh, no….I felt the look my mom began to give me….oh no.

Those words came out of her mouth, the words I was afraid of, and the words I tried to avoid at all costs. “Here talk to Manisha, she’s snatching the phone to speak to you.” The only thing that was being snatched was my reading time. She pushed the phone in my face and in a fake excited voice I greeted the person on the phone and talked to them.

I have a strong feeling that my mother chooses the time to call India very methodically.

After the first phone call…you might think that was the end of it. Well, that is far from the truth. My mom got up from the couch to go grab her phone directory, and there you have it…for the next hour I was in between fake conversations and “Namaste’s (Hello’s),” Oh yes and the “Aap kaise hain (How are you)?”

You know one thing though? I am so grateful for my mother pushing me to speak with my family in India because it does create a consistent bond. Yes, the process of keeping in touch can be more like a roller coaster ride, but when you connect with a person over the phone, you make room for a smooth transition when meeting in person.

Thank you, mom for bouncing my book out of my hand, and pushing your flip phone into my ear (literally), because without your courage in doing this I would probably not be as connected to our family in India, as much as I am now.

Sending a lot of positivity your way, wait……there is a smile missing from your face!

Manisha Sareen


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