Good Morning Bloggers!


A mother’s love can never ever be matched. Oh, and in terms of packing food, my mother is in first place. Upon returning from New York, I was in the process of opening my book bag on the bus. As I was opening it, a banana fell out….in addition, the crackers and raisins that my mother had lovingly packed into green zip lock bags(green=my favorite color) also fell out.

As I scrambled to push them back into my book bag I realized that they could not be pushed any further. I removed them one more time to find more food at the bottom of my book bag (neatly cut apples, almonds, and oh did I forget berries?).

Well then…There I was on the bus standing with a banana in one hand, and 5 green zip lock in another hand. I felt the stare of the lady sitting next to me as I nonchalantly tried to make space for this food in my bag.

As I was doing this I felt a weird smile spread across my face. I am sure that by this time the lady next to me was totally creeped out by me.

Can you guess why I was smiling like that?

Amongst all this commotion I once again, understood how much love my mom had put into every single item in the zip lock bags. The zip lock bags were overflowing with love. It would have been very easy for me to get annoyed at that point, but why? All the food that fell out of my bag was a sign of love from my beautiful mother.

Thank you, mom, for all that you do, It can never be matched.

Sometimes we take for granted the love that is showered upon our lives, but a mother’s love is that one thing that should never be taken for granted.

Wishing everyone a very very happy birthday! (I know it may not be your birthday, but why not celebrate your existence in this world every single day?). Just a thought, sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


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