Hey…Look Up..You Might Just Trip


You may notice a trend everywhere you look…now the trend may not be that obvious but trust me it is easily recognizable.

Hold on…in order to notice this trend you may have to look up from your phone. Okay not that you have taken that step, you may notice everyone around you looking into their phones. You know whenever I see this happening, I am amazed at how little people enjoy the present moment.

I want you to try this for one day. Try to keep your phone in your pocket as you walk outside. Just enjoy the beauty of the present moment. Sometimes we get so caught up in what is going on in the world around us that we let the beauty of the present moment pass us by.

Try this for just one day, and maybe it may become a habit.

I want to leave you off with one fact that was published in PC Magazine in April.ย Pedestrian deaths last year were on the rise due to cell phone usage during the simple movement of walking.ย Australia and China are already addressing this issue. You can read more about the negative impact of looking too much into your smartphones here.

Have a wonderful day ahead, and enjoy every single second!

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,
Manisha Sareen


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