Rain. Rain. Rain… :)

Hi Friends,


I was leaving the gym yesterday, and as a person who never checks the weather, I was shocked that it was POURING outside. When I say POURING, that might be an understatement. The rain was coming down harder than I have ever seen it come down.

I stood outside the glass door of the gym for a good five minutes just debating whether or not I should take a chance in this rain.

Maybe…I should just run. Maybe….I should just wait. Maybe…I should just check the weather next time.

So I took a chance. I ran into the rain, and within seconds I tried to find cover.

As soon as I found cover I took off my running jacket and threw it over my head. I felt like I was now well equipped to face the rain.

Despite my wonderful idea of taking cover under my jacket, I was soaked. When I entered the cafe I had created puddles at every spot I stood.

I felt a weird kind of excitement from just getting wet in the rain.

I felt free and refreshed. On my way to the cafe I saw so many people running to find cover, but I came across one girl that was enjoying herself while walking through the rain. We both looked at each other and just laughed at the fact that we were soaked but were enjoying the rain.

Sometimes we just need to enjoy rainy days by being in the rain! If the rain soaks you, the roof of your house will help in keeping you dry.

Sending amazing vibes your way,
Manisha Sareen


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