Marriage V. Ambition

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On my way back from the gym today I pulled up a podcast by HowStuffWorks-Stuff Mom Never Told You.


The podcast revolved around the idea of Marriage V. Ambition.

It asked the following question: “Does a woman’s career ambitions hurt her dating life? Do we down-play our ambitions to attract an opposite-sex partner? Is it an ambition/marriage trade-off?”

Harvard Gazette published an article on April 7 in which researchers found that single female M.B.A. students downplayed their ambition because they were afraid it may impact their marriage prospects with potential classmates/co-workers.

All students were also asked to take a survey displaying their ambition, willingness to travel in a job, the pay they seek, etc. One group was told that their response would be shared with the class, whereas the other group was told that their response will only be shared with the career counselors.

Single women who thought their response would only be shared with career counselors had requested a slightly lower pay than men but were equally willing to travel and work the hours they needed to in order to succeed. When they were told their answers would be shared with the class they changed their answers to a much lower pay, Β and they decreased their willingness to travel and work fewer hours. If looked at the responses of male students and married women, they did not change their response in either of the situations.

Why is this happening, and is it often overlooked?

Research in the past has also shown that men have previously preferred women that are less ambitious than they are.

The podcast had made a very important point. I mean if you are doing and “acting” like you are not an ambition person won’t that attract a man to someone that you are not? Being ambitious is such an amazing quality to have. Women have broken through so many barriers and stereotypes to be at the level that we are at today. Why should we turn down our ambition for anyone or anything? In the podcast it was also said if you have to “change” or “turn down” your ambition to attract someone, then that person is not for you.

Personally, my ambition defines me and makes me who I am. My dreams, goals, and aspirations are what I live for. I would be doing myself an injustice if I acted like ambition wasn’t key in my life.

What are your thoughts on this, and have you experienced something like this?

By the way, ambitious women rock!

Sending a lot of positivity your way,

Manisha Sareen



5 thoughts on “Marriage V. Ambition”

  1. How interesting that they changed their answers upon hearing they would be shared.. I’m very ambitious and think the right man wouldn’t want me to be anything but how I am.. and if he’s not okay with that then it isn’t meant to be.. and I would support his ambitions too. Great post!

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  2. That’s some research! Surprised at the response given by single women. But I do realize that you need to have an extremely supportive partner to scale heights as a woman and this journey isn’t easy!

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