Do I Need a Purse?


Purses are very comparable to that of a portable storage option for anyone that uses them. Here is my opinion on purses and not to say the least, purses provide a realm of opportunities for a very interesting conversation!

Purses and I never got along. For some reason I have always had a preference for duffle bags and book bags. I believe that this roots back to my involvement with sports as well as being a former nerd. When I carry a purse I feel like I am unnecessarily adding an accessory to my identity. An accessory that just doesn’t belong with me. There are so many times I find myself using any pockets in my clothing that I have access to as a mini storage area for a lot of my belongings.

I also find purses to delay my progress while increasing the likelihood of me bumping into something/someone, and/or knocking something over (which has happened!).

Here is an example, well not really an example because this happened: I walked into a store and immediately started looking in my purse for my debit card to ensure the cashier would not have to wait for me to do this when I was making the food order. Little did I know that this tactic will only make the poor guy wait longer.

In the process of pulling out my card, I bumped into the stand immediately to the right of the entrance while knocking over a few newspapers. Oh no just wait for it, it does not end there. Right after I bumped into the stand I backed up and then I bumped into a person. I was very apologetic for my actions and in that example is embedded demo number one for why purses and I just don’t get along.

I have nothing against purses, but I have come to the conclusion that they are just not for me!

Do you like purses?

Sending so many positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


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