The Girl Child

The Girl Child


I want you to take five seconds to try the following exercise: 

  1. Say “The Girl Child” with a lot of excitement in your voice! 

  2. Say “The Girl Child” with a lot of disappointment in your voice. 

Many countries around the world still react to a girl child being born with the second option, but when you took part in the experiment above did you feel the difference in those two reactions.

Amongst all this noise when I see the following in the news it makes me SO HAPPY. Words will fail to do my emotions justice:

“Slowly But Surely, Rajasthan Winning Fight Against Female Foeticide”

Running a sex-determination clinic is illegal in India. As a couple you can get an ultrasound to see the child, but medical professionals cannot tell the couple the sex of their child. This is in large part due to the traditional view of seeing the girl child as a liability in India.  

Let’s go back to the article and see what it is really about. The couple running a sex-determination clinic in Punjab were sitting down with someone and they had just the told her the gender of her child. During this meeting the Rajasthan anti-sex determination officials walked in and caught these medical professionals. The PCPNDT Act which makes sex-determination clinics illegal has been in place since 1994. THE PCPNDT department has been successful in convicting 202 out of a total of 652 sex-determination cases since 2009. Although they are truly making an impact, they say the major challenge they face is that of changing the mindset of people. 

Although the fight is long and will require the support of every single person, the achievements of the PCPNDT team in Rajasthan in terms of this issue are truly inspiring. 

How is the girl child viewed in the country you are from? 

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way!


Manisha Sareen




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