Just say Good Morning…


Hi, Friends! How are you doing? 

I started saying “Good Morning” to every single person I came across this past week. You know I used to commit to doing this anyway but this past week I took it to an extremely new level. Here are the ways in which I did that:

I made it a point to say Good Morning to each person even if they were not making eye contact with me. Now to some, this may come across as being weird which I completely understand but catching these people by surprise was amazing. The smile that spread across their face instantaneously could never be described or put into words. 

I made it a point to say Good Morning to any one I passed by- so yes this means saying Good Morning to every single person sitting on the train. Now some people even went as far as saying: Don’t you think you are disturbing these people? Well, I did get a mix of reactions when I did this but rest assured that people were very much surprised (in a good way). I could feel them staring at me for a few seconds thereafter because they didn’t come across something of such sort.  

I also went out of my way to say Good Morning to many people. If one were to watch a movie based on this and trace my steps towards making this possible, I am sure I would be given the award of being the weirdest person alive (which in my humble opinion I think I have already awarded myself).  

The point here is that everyone is really going through a lot and actually I forgot to mention that a lot of these thank you’s led to such meaningful conversations. These people were able to trust me and speak to me about some of the obstacles they were facing. They were so grateful just because I STOPPED to LISTEN. The reason why I capitalize these words is that so many of us just keep going…going…and going.

Just STOP for a few minutes and have a genuine conversation with people. Get off your PHONE for a few minutes and LIVE a little. Your life should not be defined by your cell phone because you are SO MUCH MORE.    

                                                                                                                                                                Have an amazing day, sending a lot of positive vibes your way, 

Manisha Sareen


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