The Little Things…They Matter.

17d2fdd37890f084705f7f4fb05beed2.pngHi Everyone!

Humble people are truly the best. I say this because they respect everyone around them. This is a key quality to possess because at the end of the day we are all connected in one way or another. Believe it or not when you are rude or disrespectful towards someone that in itself creates a vibration of negativity in the form of a domino effect. The crazy part about this is that this domino effect which you started will ultimately continue throughout the day.

The one principal which I follow and really regard as being one of the most important is the idea of being humble towards people that can’t do anything for you in return. This directly correlates with how someone treats a waiters, baristas, retail sales representatives, Β beggars, etc.

Being rude to any of these people or people that really can’y do anything for you in general speaks volumes about who you are as a person. I wouldn’t even categorize this as being judgmental- this is a fact of life. Are waiters, baristas, sales representatives, beggars not human? Do they not have emotions? What makes you think that it is okay to be rude to these people? Here is a simple practice you can start putting into use for which you do not need any education, degree, or training:

  1. When you go out for dinner, coffee, or simply shopping make it a point to smile and ask these people that you come across about their day before jumping into placing your order, or asking them for help etc.
  2. When you go out for dinner, coffee, etc make it a point to clean up after yourself. The means picking up your tissues, making sure the plates are organized in such a way which makes the lives of waiters, baristas, etc easier. Just because you have the option of leaving your mess does not mean you should. When you are at a coffee shop and are throwing out your coffee make it a point to ask if you could throw the coffee in the sink instead of tossing it in the garbage and creating a mess for the barista. The little things make such a huge difference.
  3. Just treat these people kindly because they are human just like you. They deserve to be respected in every way possible. There should be no doubt in your mind about that.

I feel so strongly about this topic because everyone is equal at the end of the day and just because you may be in a better position than the waiter at the restaurant you ate in, does not mean you can’t be kind to the waiter.

Being kind is free!

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


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