Wait…Should I Ask?

ask-a-question.jpgHi Everyone! How are you doing today?

When I was in school our teacher always used to emphasize on the fact that no question was ever a stupid question. As I reflect back on the the repetitiveness of that statement from classroom to classroom I realize the deeper meaning behind it.

Questions are indeed the most powerful tool one can utilize. So many questions cross our mind on a regular basis and if you don’t ask those questions or at least explore them they are bound to circulate back into your mind.

I am SURE there are so many questions that you have always wanted to ask but are either hesitant in doing so or fearful of what the other person might think. Now let me ask you this- which feeling do you carry around with you the most- the fear of not having asked that question or the regret for not having asked that question. Either way the other person is unaffected by your dilemma and it is you that needs to choose which feeling you’d much rather feed into.

Here is one simple technique I use when I want to ask a question….READY????

I just ask it. It is as simple as that. I don’t think about what the other person may think or how they may react because at the end of the day I don’t want the feeling of not having asked that question to linger in my mind.

So in conclusion the number one reason you should just ask the question is because you will LEARN so much from doing so. Now, when I say learn I mean learn about the other person but most importantly learn about yourself. You will be able to adapt to so many different situations because asking questions is ultimately an art and if you can become fluent with it then you will be able to connect with everyone in such unique ways!

Make a list of the questions you have always wanted answers to and try to get those answers this week! Your life will CHANGE πŸ™‚

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


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