Giving Back


Often times we believe that we are confined by the limitations placed on us by external circumstances.  We then go on to continue defining our world as per the standards of society. Do you know what the fault in this is? You will always question how you are not able to reach the standards set by society. Let me let you in on a secret…Society creates unrealistic standards so that you do have a difficult time reaching them. Trust me, setting bigger goals is always great. It is great when it is done on your own terms, not on the terms of society because then you are ultimately living a life for others.

Narayanan Krishnan defined his own standards and took action. He had everything going for him (as defined by society). A chef working in a five star hotel with a ticket to Switzerland in hand to continue sharing his skills as a chef with people across the globe. One visit back home to India changed the path that Narayanan would choose to take. On his visit home he saw a poor man eating his own human waste for food. Narayanan went to go feed this poor man and realized that this is exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Since then he has moved back home and wakes up at 4am everyday to feed people. Read more about this amazing man here.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. How common is this? How many people do you see around you quitting their job to go and help people who have nothing to give back to them?

There are so many times when we just wait for the right circumstances in order take action. Sometimes the signs are all around you and you may just be overlooking them. If your purpose in life is to serve the homeless or people that don’t have the privileges you have then what is stopping you from pursuing this passion? Yes, I know. You have bills to pay, you have parents or family that value a job more than anything else. In fact, your own self-doubt is perhaps your biggest obstacle. Stop questioning what is going to happen if you were to take extreme action towards your passion and just do it!

Have an amazing day, sending a lot of positive vibes your way. Have a great day,

Manisha Sareen


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