I Am Not A Label


prince_ea_iam_not_a_label_on_white_webGood Evening friends! I hope you are doing wonderfully !

Labels. What are they?

As humans we tend to label everything around us. I mean we even label ourselves as either being too tall…or too short…or this…and that….or this, that, and this.

Isn’t this especially the case when you pass by a stranger? Don’t we automatically place them into a bucket of their own…or maybe into a bucket with numerous others? Well…I don’t want to be the one to break it to you but we even do this with people we have known our entire lives.

Now I want to narrow down this process of labelling. Both men and women get labeled, but I would like to focus specifically on ways in which women get labelled. If you think about it labels become a form of pre-judgment. By labelling someone you are basically letting your mind know that whether or not you meet this person…you have already placed them into a spectrum of their own. You have made it very difficult for them to climb out of that bucket in which you placed them within a matter of a few seconds.

Levels to Everything

Aren’t their levels to everything these days? Sometimes I really wonder why are there levels to everything? Well here we go with the levels of labeling. No, I will not charge for the lesson you are about to receive below.

Here we go…the levels of labeling:

If you decide to go into politics at the age of 70 – fear not- you will be labeled “granny.”

If you end up in an argument with your fellow female colleague- fear not- you will be labeled as being in a “cat fight.”

If you do nothing at all -fear not – you will be labeled as “slut”, “tart”, and oh yes did I forget “tramp?”

Oh and sorry I forgot to add- there are labels for also being extremely ambitious and hard working as well such as “doll,” “baby,” “sweetie.”

Did you ever notice that whenever an article highlighting the success of a powerful woman leader is published it highlights the fact that she is the mother of three as opposed to what it is that she has actually accomplished. I highlight the word “accomplished,” because what women have accomplished is often buried underneath the “social life” that the media decides to portray.

Here are a few accounts of different situations women have been in:

“At work, I am constantly patronized by men & called sweetie, love, darling and a ‘good girl’. Women refer to me by name.”

Another wrote:

“I have been called “dear” in a patronizing tone by a fellow co-worker since day one of his employment…This man in no way outranks me”.

One student wrote to report:

“Being called a ‘good girl’ when I’ve completed a task correctly by a male lecturer. Would not mind it so much if he called the boys ‘good boy’ too.”

Another entry reads:

“I work in a pub and have been leered at, called wench, darling and babe”.

Okay..Now What?

I want you to ask yourself the following question:

“Can I stop putting labels on everything?”

Okay here is one thing you can do. Make a list of all the labels you place on yourself.

Be honest. Take 20 to 30 minutes and list out all the labels you place on yourself. After that take the paper- rip it in half and throw it away. These labels limit your ability to be who you are meant to be. They also limit your ability to be able to meet amazing people.

If you’d like to read more in depth about this information please refer to the source here:

Sending a lot of positivity your way,

Manisha Sareen


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