Hi everyone! 

Can you just pause for one minute and truly appreciate how much you have accomplished? Seriously, do you ever appreciate all that you do on a day to day basis? I know for sure that we women don’t do all that we do to receive any sort of praise. We do what we do because we are truly passionate about it. 

Successful women also referred to as “Alpha-Women,” do things far differently from other people. That is why they’re successful, right? If you do the same thing over and over again you are bound to receive the same results. 

Alpha-Women truly represent how far we have come and not only do they break through limitations but they make sure they wipe them out. 

Here is what Alpha-Women do differently than other people: 

  1. They create a life that they enjoy. They are not looking outside their window and waiting for the right time to LIVE. They grasp every single moment and make sure that they not only live it to the fullest but that they also fall in love with it completely. 

  2. They take action. Alpha-Women don’t wait. They will go talk to someone random, they will ask for a raise, and they will make sure they do what their heart & mind desires. They prefer hearing a “no” than always wondering “what if this or what if that.” 

  3. They are their own biggest advocate. They love themselves, they never speak negatively about themselves, and when they walk they definitely own not only the walk but the person walking that walk. 

  4. They are absolutely fine being single, no it is not the end of the world. Actually she prefers being single and if she comes across someone that is on the same page as her then awesome…if not…life is not over. She would rather spend time doing what she loves as opposed to spending that time finding someone because of what society thinks. 

  5. They don’t wish, they do. They use the past as a lesson but they don’t dwell on it.

  6. They make sure they set boundaries and call people out when those boundaries are crossed. They won’t just sit and listen to someone disrespecting them. They make sure they speak up. 

  7. They walk away from things no longer serve them. They don’t spend days thinking about whether they should walk away from something or someone. They take action and they literally walk away because they know their energy can be invested elsewhere. 

  8. They prefer face-to-face contact. Texting someone is nice and all but Alpha-Women want to meet people in person. Besides they don’t have time to be texting all the time. 

  9. They love making real life connections. They will go to the museum or that event just to meet new people and expand their horizons. 

  10. They don’t compete with other women over men. Who does that?

  11. They like being a real life star as opposed to a social media star, tv star, etc…etc…etc…

  12. They unapologetically invest in themselves. They value themselves and will invest in everything that will push them forward. This can be from the way they carry themselves to the way in which they shake your hand. 

  13. Playing victim? An Alpha-Woman never does that. Stuff happens in life-they don’t think about the negative stuff a million times over and over…and over again. Rather they get in the mud and get to work because they know their reaction to a situation is a hundred percent under their control. 

  14. They dare. They go in the direction of what they want by making a plan and then executing it. 

  15. They never let someone else’s idea of who they should be put their life on hold. They definitely take full control of their life and live it. 

Are you an Alpha-Woman? Here is the full article. 

Do what your heart desires and stop always worrying about what other people think. Be YOU. 

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way, 

Manisha Sareen




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