Speeches so Powerful They Will Change Your Life

The-power-of-words1-1200x480.pngHi Everyone! 

I hope your day is more amazing than ever and that it will only keep getting better. 

Speeches are perhaps the most powerful form of getting a message out there. 

That is why when Hillary Clinton spoke the following words in 1992 they not only resonated with her listeners but also with the rest of the world. They continue to inspire women to defy the odds: 

Hillary Rodham Clinton
“As women today, you face tough choices. You know the rules are basically as follows: 
• If you don’t get married, you’re abnormal.
• If you get married but don’t have children, you’re a selfish yuppie. If you get married and have children, but work outside the home, you’re a bad mother.
• If you get married and have children, but stay home, you’ve wasted your education.
• And if you don’t get married, but have children and work outside the home as a fictional newscaster, then you’re in trouble with Dan Quayle.

“So you see, if you listen to all the people who make these rules, you might just conclude that the safest course of action is just to take your diploma and crawl under your bed. But let me propose an alternative. Hold on to your dreams. Take up the challenge of forging an identity that transcends yourself. Transcend yourself and you will find yourself … There is no dress rehearsal for life, and you will have to ad lib your way through each scene. The only way to prepare is to do what you have done: Get the best possible education; continue to learn from literature, scripture, and history, to understand the human experience as best you can so that you have guideposts charting the terrain toward whatever decisions are right for you.”

In life, we are always so restricted by rules, obligations, and what we SHOULD do as opposed to what we WANT to do. When it comes to going in the direction of your passion don’t let what society thinks is right to define your limitations, because ultimately you have no limitations. 

Remember that you define yourself and to never give that power to someone else. When you look back at life 15 years from now you don’t want to say that you lived a life for others . 

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way, 

Manisha Sareen


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