Remain Humble.


Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing New Year and are ready to beast out this year!!

Yesterday, I came across an interview with Sharukh Khan(Bollywood superstar) and his words really left a mark on me. In the interview he took the audience down memory lane to the moments and the people in his life that played a crucial role in his success.

He mentioned names of people that provided him with a space to live at the hardest times in his life. As he was recalling the different phases in his life I could see that his eyes were tearing up.

For me, this was an impactful interview because it displayed the one main reason for Sharukh’s success. He has always remained grounded to who he really is while preventing the Bollywood fame from influencing his mind, actions, and soul.

When one is truly self-aware any sort of fame will fail to change that person. Allowing changes in an environment to influence your personality goes back to a shaky foundation. A deeper exploration of core key values will help in making daily decision easier.

Sharukh has a solid foundation and that is why he is so closely in touch with his emotions.

What are your core values? Regardless of changes in your life will these core values be enough for you to navigate your way through any situation?

Food for thought:)

Sending so much positivity your way,

Manisha Sareen


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