Yes I Am a Woman. No My Gender Does Not Dictate My Emotions.

3a501de8cfef5da314e7ebb872c049dcGender in no way, shape, or form has ANYTHING to do with the emotional state of a person.

Have you ever spilled out your emotions to someone and received any of the following ridiculous responses:

  1. You’re just overthinking it: To these people, I’d like to say: Wow. Genius. The fact that your friend may be overthinking something is more often than none a reality. Hence, they have decided to express themselves to you…Just saying!
  2. Be a MAN! Or stop acting like a GIRL: To these people, I’d like to say: Why do you think that emotions pertain to gender? How can something that is inanimate be connected to someone’s gender?


They briefly acknowledge your emotions and then implement their experiences into the mix…Completely overlooking your emotions.

I am so sorry if you ever find yourself in the last scenario. Not to go off topic or anything but YOU my friend deserve much better than that!

Okay, I want you to take control of the steering wheel and help me bring this blog post back on TRACK! 

After conducting a study of 55 cultures Everyday Health reported that women are “more emotional, agreeable, extroverted, and conscientious than men.”

You know maybe it is just me. Or maybe you may be thinking along the same lines and I just want to feel unique for being the founder of this idea. If looked on a larger scale…is any study/research truly justified?

I mean don’t get me wrong but this particular study is useful regarding those 55 cultures BUT what about the thousands upon thousands of other cultures that exist in the diverse society of today? Well, in those cases how is this result applicable?

This same report by Everyday Health stated that emotions may have some sort of connection to cultural stereotypes. AH! Would you look at that? They are basically saying that since men and women are expected to “Act” a certain way….they adapt to these expectations.

You know….this might just be me again (trying to feel unique-did I make it obvious?) but if we go off of the fact that men and women are indeed adapting themselves to these stereotypes then how can reliable research even be obtained.

In no way am I denying the importance of research. I am saying that when I feel optimism (which is 24/7) I don’t think to myself and say: I am a woman and I want to feel optimistic because that is what my gender should display. I mean I feel the emotion and that’s that. Not everything has to be connected back to a reason, quality, trait, this, that, the cat, the dog, etc…etc…etc…

We have come to live in a society where everything needs to be justified. Well…let me be the one to break it to you…Are you still waiting?

This is not the way things need to be. You should not feel obligated to explain why you felt a certain way. Just because the world is constantly telling us to stop acting a certain way because of our menstrual cycle does not mean that you too should believe that you were angry at that point in time because you were on your period.

If you are feeling upset about something…then it very well may be because you are indeed just upset about something. It doesn’t always have to be that you are upset because of this, that, and the third.

I, Manisha Sareen, have emotions. These are emotions and they are not connected to the fact that I am a woman. They are shaped by experiences and my own thought processes.

That is all. Simple.

Why do you think society makes everything so complex? Does everything need justification?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the complexity of the world we live in and ways in which we can always simplify everything. Trust me…it is possible.

Sending so many positive vibes your way,

Manisha 🙂


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