403CBEE7-040C-4EDF-A2F9-69B8CB116252Okay confession time. Well…not really because every woman out there probably knows what I’m talking about. So I take that back…not confession time….more of declaring a known fact time.

Ahh the beautiful menstrual cycle. So many stereotypes associated with it. Oh…wait. As a society let’s blame her period for her authoritative leadership style. Or maybe we can blame her period for mood swings because that’s what we do as a society. We fail to see a person…as a human and oh man am I so not exaggerating when it comes to periods.

Can a woman be seen as her period? I imagine society just seeing period written on every woman’s forehead when she does not act in an appropriate manner as per society’s standards.

Shall we step back a little and allow women to breathe? Please allow us to breathe… please please please.

We are not looking for sympathy and amost definitely aren’t emotional wrecks looking to lean on your weak shoulders- here I am referring to the shoulders of society.

Yes, please continue to wrongly assume that all of our actions that are not parallel to your thought processes are the cause of menstrual cycles.

Alright I give you some credit for even saying period because in India women and men both tend to stray away from the use of this term. As if it is a term that has been banned. Women still go into stores in India and hide the pads they buy via three layers of plastic bags as if the embarrassment of their incoming period.

Menstrual cycles are natural and yes if you are a man, you too can say PERIOD (not only in the grammatical sense).

The way I see it is – menstrual cycles closely resonate with the bodily function of breathing. Can you easily say breathe ? Congratulations- that’s how easy it is to say period.

Periods are natural. They are not embarrassing and should not be seen as such. Period.


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