No, I Don’t Want to Cross My Legs Each Time I Sit Down.

c061fde8-7894-4a4e-b806-23f7a6b972d6.jpegOkay, I’ll admit- growing up I was a tom boy. I was always too busy playing basketball or watching wrestling, etc…etc. I felt comfortable being in extremely loose clothing and being treated like a person as opposed to getting specific gender treatment.

My happiness only lasted for a couple of years. One day, during a family event my mom had told me to sit like a lady.

Well, interestingly enough I did not know what she meant- HA go figure!

So you can imagine that when she asked me to sit like a lady I was utterly confused as to what it was that she meant. Thankfully, other women at the event were sitting differently than I was and I was able to replicate their posture.

I  couldn’t get myself to do it for more than 3 milliseconds because of the discomfort it caused. I mean why cross one leg over the other when you can just sit, right? Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this way of sitting I saw that many women were giggling and laughing in their conversations with others while maintaining this posture.

Well, I wasn’t going to give up without a fight so I used my arm to pull one leg on top of the other and to my surprise I was able to do it! This time the outcome wasn’t what I had planned for. As I leaned across the table to grab some water I fell off my chair. There it is – your cross legged version of someone falling down and bruising their butt. Haha I did get a good laugh from it.

Now that I have grown up haha (child at heart) I realize that a lot of women simply cross their legs because it is their preference. At the same time this is something that women have been taught to embody in their everyday life. You know-constantly showcasing the ideal mannerisms of lady-like behavior. If a woman doesn’t do this, or if she doesn’t do that, or if she does this and that and the third then only is she considered to be nominated for displaying the qualities of how every woman should act as per the rigid standards of  society. Many women also just sit with their legs crossed because of the attire they may be wearing (skirt, shorts, etc).

I strongly believe that every woman has the right to sit in the way she wishes to.  If you explore this a bit further the issue itself goes far beyond sitting down. Society already tries to govern every aspect of a woman’s life – can we now sit in peace, please? And thank you!

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen

5 thoughts on “No, I Don’t Want to Cross My Legs Each Time I Sit Down.

  1. interesting post Manisha !!
    OFcourse, I Feel We must sit in such a way that is comfortable to us; especially to our back and not just because we have been compelled traditionally that Woman should sit like this way or that way !!


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