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STOP the Cat Calling



People don’t asked to be cat called – the problem goes much deeper than that.

Allow me to provide you with a personal experience. A couple of months ago I was walking to the gym early in the morning and I vividly remember being only one block away from my destination.

I felt someone walking behind me a couple of feet away and he started speaking loudly so as to sound like he was on the phone but he was definitely speaking to me. Here are some of the things he said:
“Which gym do you workout at?”
“Are you about to workout?”
“Take me to the gym you go to so I can workout too.”

I am not looking for sympathy – please do understand this. What I am looking for is answers to questions which have been lingering on my mind for some time now. A couple of years ago a video was released as a part of an experiment carried out by a non-profit by the name of Hollaback. In this experiment a woman walked the streets of Manhattan for up-to ten hours and her journey is recorded via a hidden camera. This experiment revealed mind boggling and harsh truths which society tends to hide. Roberts (the woman in the video) faced street harassment up-to a 100 times in a matter of those ten hours.

Now can someone tell me the reason for her experience? Was it her jeans? Or was it her shirt? Was it her shoes? Or was it her hair? Please enlighten me with invalid excuses you will provide for the fault in society as a whole.

People that commented on the video said that because her butt was visible in her tight jeans – men were bound to pass such comments. Oh I am soooo sorry- if a woman wears a skirt, it’s a problem. If a woman wears a dress, it’s a problem. If a woman wears clothes, it’s a problem. Can you kindly provide a confirmation of what kind of clothing fits the criteria for not asking to be sexually harassed ?

Allow me to enlighten you.

It’s not the clothing nor the looks that trigger cat calling. It is the culture embedded deep within society which has brought us to this stage. Women are constantly degraded in numerous parts of society. Prime examples include marketing advertisements, rap culture, music videos, movies, and the list goes on for pages.

It doesn’t matter what a woman is wearing or how she looks. Stop trying to cover up the fact that mindsets have to change by blaming women for getting cat called. Doesn’t it sound like something is wrong with that statement? Have an amazing day ahead!

You can read to find out more here: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.nationalreview.com/article/391430/why-cat-calling-really-problem-christine-sisto

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,
Manisha Sareen


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