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When I came across Siba’s blog I couldn’t help but come to terms with the intricate detail with which he depicted the important contributions of women in society through the use of pictures. After, looking at his blog I realized that pictures are indeed very impactful. Here we go – it is your turn to travel this journey with Siba (ENJOY): 

#CreativeSiba presentation

via Photo Story….Women Empowerment — CreativeSiba

I took this nice click at Chilapata Forests near Hasimara Range in WB(India)in 2016 during a Jungle Trip.On that morning I was on a Jungle Safari with every hope to spot Elephants and Bisons but suddenly the Ladies carrying bundles of firewood on their head caught my attention which ignited a deep feel of gratitude for women laying their hands in a most unseen form for running a livelihood and I name this shot as “Women Empowerment”.

Not just in India rather it’s a global phenomenon where most of the housewives and ladies play a great role in giving their family daily bread and butter for which they toil hard though it’s not been ever accounted for.Most of us almost never recognise how silently they lay hands in development of our society.

“I have tried to depict their silent endeavour to run the show of Life through this pic-story“.

I will dedicate this shot to all Women Photographers & Bloggers across The Globe

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen


6 responses to “GUEST POST: Photo Story….Women Empowerment — CreativeSiba”

  1. CreativeSiba Avatar

    Thanks 🙏 a lot dear for your nice initiative to repost my blog.


    1. Manisha Sareen Avatar

      It is an amazing post! Thank you for all your work!

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      1. CreativeSiba Avatar

        love you Pihu…My African Grey

        The Love Story began 6 years back when we decided to adopt this cute Baby bird after a thorough research in internet.It’s no less than adopting a child as because it has a long life span of 50-60 years.
        Shower time is always a real fun time for Pihu & usually he spends15-20 minutes flapping his wings under shower.
        Pihu has a big space in our our daily life & day begins with a slice of apple or few grapes.
        The main beauty is the #Bondage between us & it’s an out come of the mutual love & Care.
        After a hectic day….evening is always a pleasure time for both of us with Pihu the real naughty boy.It’s my routine to boil oats for Pihu’s dinner.I am thankful to my wife for clicking such a beautiful photo of me with Pihu.
        Dedicated to all Pet-lovers & Bloggers.



      2. CreativeSiba Avatar

        Manisha don’t miss this post too


  2. pavi08pj Avatar

    I like your blog it’s an amazing story about women empowerment. You can repost it on which is also working for women empowerment.


    1. Manisha Sareen Avatar

      Thank you so much!


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