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Award Winning Advice


Good Morning Bloggers, Blog Readers, and all of the above! 
SIDE NOTE: It is official – each one of my blog post’s will be in a different color. Why? I am a very optimistic person and I believe my blog should reflect that. What better way to do that than a handful of beautiful colors?! 
Okay, this may not be the case for all of us but I do know that most of us find ourselves in situations where at times people tend to throw advice our way for no apparent reason. What do I mean? 

Well, here is a demo just for you (these names are made up, this situation is made up, and oh yes this entire scenario is made up….so in reality, it doesn’t even exist): 

Person 1 (See what I did there?): I know you are in a difficult situation right now *PERSON 2* but look I have been there. This is the point at which Person 2 can sense the conversation shifting and the spotlight moving towards Person 1. My experience tells me this…………….

I will not continue this beautiful story any further but I am sure you get the point.

I assure you that the advice I am about to give to you has been the result of my research on what would be most applicable to every single reader of my blog and beyond. If you do feel that I have given you advice without your permission please advise on how I can improve upon this process, thank you! haha!

There are a few key moments in my life where the advice given really stuck with me. Although, the advice below was digitally available to everyone I found that it spoke directly to me. 

Kiran Singh, an entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach has achieved massive success in her career. When she was asked to share success tips here is what she said (Are you ready for this?):

“My top tip for achieving success is simply defining it; how do you define success? What do you associate with it? How do you want to feel? Once you’ve defined your version of success, create a goal plan, a vision board and actionable steps you need to take daily to reach your goal. It’s crucial you spend time on personal development daily, to grow and evolve – and implement that knowledge to make your goals happen. For example for me, success is abundance in every aspect of my life. It’s about living a well-lived life – consciously, intentionally and wholeheartedly.” 

Here is why this piece of advice really stood out to me: 

  1. Kiran doesn’t try to advocate her specific path to success, instead, she engages the audience and ultimately puts the power to optimize on this tip on her readers. 
  2. She makes her readers think on a much deeper level – to the point where they will start thinking about their own life goals. 
  3. Most importantly, Kiran allows her readers to define success in their own lives.  

You can read the other success tips provided by many accomplished women here

Now, I too, encourage you to think about your definition of success as well as the steps you will need to take in order to fulfill your path towards success. Your version and definition of success is unique to you.  Therefore, don’t compare yourself to how others define success in their own lives. You are amazing in your own way and you are doing great!

Have the best week ever, sending a lot of positive vibes your way, and keep smiling, 

Manisha Sareen


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