Women Won’t Back Down This Time Around.


I was on the phone with a relative back in India yesterday and I would like for you to take a wild guess in terms of the one question you think she asked me. Nope she didn’t ask me about how I was planning on contributing to the betterment of society. Oh, and she didn’t ask me about my career goals either.  She was very much concerned about my marriage plans. Does that surprise anyone ? It didn’t surprise me at all.

Perhaps this is why Priyanka Chopra’s bold response to a media reporter in Dubai impacted me in such an immense way:

“Are you actually saying that when a man eve-teases a woman, slapping him is an abuse of a man?” asked Chopra incredulously, adding that feminism did not mean beating the [expletive] of a man or wanting to be as strong as him physically. She was asking for equal footing when it came to matters of cerebral rather than physical strength.

“Feminism is not about berating men or putting them down. What we are saying is that let us have equal opportunities. Let us get ahead of the game on our merit, while you [men] support us,” said Chopra, asking if he was now a reformed feminist.

“Give the woman the ability to make choices without being judged,” said Chopra.

How does this apply to the marriage conversation I had mentioned in the beginning? Well- I decided to let my voice be heard. I wasn’t going to try and make a relative who had asked this same question on multiple occasions understand my perspective. Instead, I told her that I may or may not get married and she should stop asking me about it. There was silence on the other line as you can imagine. I looked in the mirror , gave myself a wink and a huge smile and handed the phone over to my mother.

Ah-victorious. We want to be in charge of our own decisions and we are relentless in our pursuit, more than ever before. Wait, what is marriage any way?

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way! Don’t forget to stand up for what you believe in!


Manisha 🙂


1 thought on “Women Won’t Back Down This Time Around.”

  1. YESSSSSSSSS Girl!!!!!!! that’s right, let us make our own decisions. I can only imagine the awkwardness on the other side of that phone call. I love when you said “I looked in the mirror , gave myself a wink and a huge smile” and then you handed your mom the phone as if to say “okay, that conversations over – so what’s next!” lol…that tickled me so bad. I love the way you think lady! May all of us women be bold enough to continue to stand up for what we believe in!! Great Post!


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