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A Life Full of Stairs


Good Morning friends! As I write this post I am standing in front of a staircase. Yes, a staircase. This sounds like it’s a part of everyday life, right? When you actually dive in deeper you will see that there is a hidden meaning behind it.

Every step is a representation of a different phase in your life. Imagine if you were to think of it that way. Just as it took hard-work and daily progress to build these stairs…. It takes progression on a day to day to basis to climb them.

It would be interesting to be able to jump from the first step to the top of the staircase, right? Unfortunately, we do not have those kinds of superpowers. Just like life- it is a step by step journey.

Keep this in mind as you push forward to accomplish your own goals. Patience is key and hard-work can not be compromised. Have a great day!

Sending a lot of positive energy your way,



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