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YES – Women Are Driving!


Can you imagine being banned from driving? Yes, I am serious. Now let me add another level to this. Can you imagine being banned from driving because of your gender? Until recently, women in Saudi Arabia were not granted the “right” to drive because of their gender. I emphasize “right” because Saudi Arabia was the only country not to have given women this right.

As a woman living in the United States – I did not have to put up a fight to obtain my driver’s license. Although, on countless occasions, I have heard people openly state that women can’t or shouldn’t drive. These ignorant statements don’t phase me at all and make me wonder how such opinions formed.

Whether you like it or not – women are taking the driver’s seat in Saudi Arabia. They have fought for far too long, and their hard-work is bringing about results. Approximately ten women have their driver’s license, and by next week this number will increase to 2000.

It is hard to imagine that even in this day and age women had to fight so hard to obtain a right that belonged to them right from the beginning. How does this apply to you? Take a moment to think about the day-to-day battles we as women conquer every single day. What are some steps we can take together as a society to continue heading in this direction? What can we do to keep this momentum going?

You can read more here.


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