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Wait, You Are Going Tell Me What Beauty Is?


Generally speaking, I am not a huge television watcher. Okay, if watching television correlates with having a life in your terms – then I guess I am lifeless. LOL.
Wow, that sounds kind of weird, would you agree?
Okay, I was passing the time. Now let’s get to work, shall we?

I am about to contradict all that I just stated, but please be patient. In recent times, I started watching parts of an Indian show. Now hear me out – the only reason I did start watching this show was that I was interested in learning about the definitions society holds in place for the word beauty.

Mahi Way is a show based primarily around Mahi and her life. She, according to society, does not fall into the realm of beauty. According to society, she is overweight, and for this reason, her co-workers are continually making fun of her. As the show continues the audience learns about how unique Mahi is and the director builds upon her character and personality.

Once, the director started building on this aspect I was questioning what real beauty should be defined as or should it even be defined. I mean, who and or what represents beauty?

How can beauty be compared when there are infinite representations of beauty? How can beauty be defined and limited to a few standards when in fact it varies from person to person and perspective to perspective.

I encourage you to come outside of the definition society has placed upon what it means to be beautiful and observe all the beauty around you. It doesn’t have to be on a human-level. It can also be regarding nature and any other aspect of your life. Do you see how infinite beauty is?


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