Have you ever noticed the amount of work that goes into making a decision? I mean truly making a decision. Sometimes I envision the act of making a decision as very similar to that of standing in a ring with a sumo Wrestler. In a situation like that everything comes down to you and the other person in the ring with you. Life is not at all like the ring you are envisioning yourself in at the current moment. In reality making a decision requires keeping so many other factors in mind, or does it?

In the process of making a decision – everything becomes much like a domino effect. Basically, one starts considering the impact their one decision will have on all the other aspects of their lives. You can say this is very common, but the real question at hand is: is this a requirement? Is this a checkbox that needs to be marked each time a decision is made?

Okay, let’s cut down to the major detail. When I say other factors always need to be considered- I am referring to the noise created by the opinions of others. Now, you must be asking – don’t I need to ask others of their opinion when making a decision? Yes, maybe that is what helps you focus in on the decision you should make, but in all honestly doesn’t it make the act of making a decision even more difficult?

Ultimately, there is not a correct decision. What do I mean? When you make a decision it might be correct from your perspective but it might be in the wrong in the eyes of someone else.

How long does it take to make a decision based on just your opinion ? Now, think about how long it takes to make a decision when you take into account the views of others?

A decision is a decision. In its simplest form, whichever decision you decide to make- you will always think about what the outcome would have been if you made the other decision. Be happy with your decision, stop living in the past and stay present. 

What decision are you going to make?

 Sending a lot of positive vibes your way, 

Manisha Sareen


2 responses to “Decisions”

  1. Kurian Avatar

    This is a good one, nice to ponder over the questions Manisha


  2. scribblerdeva Avatar

    “Ma’am ,what is the secret of your success? A reporter asked a bank president.
    Two words.
    And, ma’am, what are they?
    Good decisions.
    And how do you make good decisions?
    One word.
    And ma’am, what is that?
    And how do you get Experience?
    Two words.
    And, ma’am, what are they?
    Bad decisions.”


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