Your coffee just spilled over your beautiful and must I say very expensive H & M blouse which is irreplaceable. I mean I can understand where your anger stems from if this were to happen. Now, this coffee which was supposed to go into your body has landed on your blouse. You can let this coffee spill dictate the course of your day, or you can say NOT THIS TIME and stand up to it and continue to move ahead like a true champion.


Manisha how I prevent this coffee spill from deciding how the rest of my day will look?

Here are five tips brought to you by your very own Annie Lin of New York Life Coaching which can work miracles for the remainder of your day.

  1. MEDITATION: Start your day with meditation! Even 5 to 10 minutes of sitting in complete silence can help you start your day in a fantastic way. A coffee spill will never get to you!
  2. KEEP MOVING: Yes – at times you want to sit on a couch and watch television and not think about life. PLEASE let me assure you that movement at times like this is not only necessary, but it will make you such a happy person. Optimize on any opportunity you have to move. Doing a light jog during your lunch break or going to the gym before or after work will add optimism to your life. You got this!
  3. FEELINGS: Don’t let your feelings decide how you are going to tackle your day. You don’t feel like presenting that project you have been working on for weeks? You should present. You will only add to more positivity if you do your best in all areas of your life despite the feelings you are experiencing.
  4. PRESENT MOMENT: Get in touch with your emotions and try to feel them out at the moment. After you have done this remember to let them go because they are temporary and just like everything they change rapidly.
  5. BE NICE: Always, always, always be nice to other people. Remember to say hi to the person in the elevator because they had nothing to do with the coffee spilling on your shirt. Why would you take out your anger on someone else? You might cause their day to spiral downwards as well. So keep the positivity going!
    Be happy, keep smiling, and spread kindness!

Sending much love your way,

Manisha Sareen


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