4 Ways To Build Self-Confidence On Your Commute!

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Self-confidence is one, if not, an essential component in your life. Yes, I just told you what is important in your own life. All around me, I see people continually questioning themselves and their abilities. I see people defining themselves on limitations either set within their minds or in the minds of others.

Don’t you want to get out this self-imposed bubble?

Don’t you want to be able to build on these skills at the expense of using your commute time where you are scrolling through Instagram? Why not use that time to work on YOU?
Side Note: Most times people that are on their phone in trains are not doing anything. I have seen some people stare at their phone pretending to watch something, and I walked over to them (not creepy at all) to only see a blank screen.

Here are four ways you can use your commute time to work on building your self-confidence.

1- TRAIN/BUS REFLECTIONS. This works – TRUST ME. I have done it and have probably been judged. Once you enter the train or a bus turn towards the doors because here is where you can see your reflection. As you look at yourself, chant positive affirmations to set the pace for your day. You can either whisper them out loud or say them in your head. Either way – this makes such a HUGE difference.
2- JOURNAL. Journaling on your commute – let it all out. What thoughts are you having? What do you look forward to in your day? What do you want to accomplish for the day? What are you grateful. EVERYTHING – when you dump it on to a paper you can think clearly and trust your instinct even more.
3- EARLY TO RISE. Wake up EARLY! I start my day at, and yes people think I am crazy. Research shows that people that wake up earlier are much more efficient and happier too! The reason why I connect this to self-confidence is that – when you wake up early and work on a few of your tasks you gain tremendous momentum.
4- Health and Fitness. This is such a significant part of my life, and I go early in the morning. Although you can go at a time which fits into your schedule – it is such a helpful tool. When you feel good, you do good, and positivity multiplies all around you.

So, the next time you take out your phone to scroll through Instagram or to stare at a blank screen, fear not, you can work on building your inner self-confidence. Have such a fantastic week ahead!

Sending a lot of love your way,
Manisha Sareen


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