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4 Ways to Add Days to Your Life or Life to Your Days

A238B6BE-D64E-4682-953D-C92FCFE019F0.jpegLaughter is such an important of life. I have noticed in conversation that even when people pretend to laugh they put out a positive frequency into the universe which only contributes towards spreading great vibes. 

What are a few things you can do right now to add more laughter to your life?

Here we go:

1- Surround yourself with people that love to laugh, and those that love to make others laugh. When your vibe is the same as that of the people around you- it becomes easier.

2- Find the good in everything, despite how difficult it may be in the moment. When you look back at the situation, a couple of days from that point you’ll remember the good you got from it.

3- Be open to the idea of laughter. Yes, there are times when it’s appropriate to laugh and then there are times when it is inappropriate, depending on the situation.

4- Stop choosing to look at the serious side of the spectrum on everything in your life.    At the end of the day this amount of laughter in your life is a personal choice.

Laughing makes life beautiful, so learn to not only laugh, but also to laugh at yourself! 


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