A238B6BE-D64E-4682-953D-C92FCFE019F0.jpegLaughter is such an important of life. I have noticed in conversation that even when people pretend to laugh they put out a positive frequency into the universe which only contributes towards spreading great vibes. 

What are a few things you can do right now to add more laughter to your life?

Here we go:

1- Surround yourself with people that love to laugh, and those that love to make others laugh. When your vibe is the same as that of the people around you- it becomes easier.

2- Find the good in everything, despite how difficult it may be in the moment. When you look back at the situation, a couple of days from that point you’ll remember the good you got from it.

3- Be open to the idea of laughter. Yes, there are times when it’s appropriate to laugh and then there are times when it is inappropriate, depending on the situation.

4- Stop choosing to look at the serious side of the spectrum on everything in your life.    At the end of the day this amount of laughter in your life is a personal choice.

Laughing makes life beautiful, so learn to not only laugh, but also to laugh at yourself! 


One response to “4 Ways to Add Days to Your Life or Life to Your Days”

  1. Kurian Avatar

    Wonderful tips Manisha


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