Grandfather…Oh I Miss You


Do you regret not being able to spend enough time with someone in your life? I mean how many times do you find yourself saying that you will make time for someone or something? How many times does that actually end up happening? Prior to my grandfather’s passing,​ I found myself saying that all the time. As I try to even get started on typing about my grandfather, I go blank because I honestly don’t even know where to start. My grandfather was the one person I looked up to for discipline. He was a Superintendent in the Police Force in India and his demeanor was a representation of his commitment to the work he did. There was a time when his bravery helped him catch a thief​ that had been in hiding for far too long.

Well, everything was perfect until he passed away. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was that summer my mother and I were going to visit him. I was SOOOOO excited because I had wanted him to see the mature version of myself. Let’s backtrack a bit – my grandfather had given me a nickname by the name of “Lazybones” because by his standards I was lazy. By the time I would be waking up, which would usually be anywhere from 11am to 12pm – he would be out on the porch reading his newspaper. This meant – he had already finished his morning routine, and this also meant that I would be grilled​ by him if by any chance I were to bump into him…That was it.

It was having seen my grandfather so dedicated to his morning routine, which inspired me to do the same. Upon returning from my trip to India I started implementing that into my daily routine. Upon returning from India, I started waking up at 3am and finishing my morning routine by the time the entire world was just rolling out of bed.

Then, what happened? You know….life. The day-to-day got in the way and I could barely keep in touch with my grandfather. Although I was consistent in writing my letters to him, I was unable to speak to him as much as I would have liked to. Now, when I look back I think about all the ways in which I could have utilized my time to have made that time.

The summer my mother and I were all set to visit him, he passed away.

That news came to our family as a shock. No one had expected him to pass away, but then again things like that don’t really come announced right?

In conclusion, spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. You honestly, never know what can happen next week – or even within the next few hours. Tell people how much you love them in the MOMENT. Tell people you care for them in the MOMENT. Make time for people in the MOMENT. You know those five minutes you use to scroll through your Instagram​ feed, why not use that to deepen your connection with people around you? So simple, yet so complicated right?

I miss you grandpa, and I know you are watching from above – I am making you proud every single day, I love you.

Sending a lot of positivity your way,

Keep Smiling


Manisha Sareen

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