What Motivates You?

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I am very big on motivation and inspiration. So, I was randomly looking up the answer to the following question:

What motivates people?

During my research I came across 6 common factors which drive people every single day (Although I strongly believe motivation cannot be bucketed into just 6 factors) I thought they were interesting. So here we go:


Financial Drive – Many people are driven by the idea of obtaining a certain level of success and/or financial status. In most cases, this is intertwined with the fulfillment other needs and wants which people associate with happiness. Shawn Lim points out that it is important to ask yourself what it is that you are truly after – is it really the money? OR is it the feeling of having enough money? Sometimes, people get so caught up in obtaining a certain level of financial success that they forget to enjoy the present moment. Remember, money isn’t evil but it can cause you to miss out on experiences. Just be present through it all!


Being Number One – Many people are competitive by nature. This can root back to their childhood or simply the environment they have grown up in. This pushes people to go above and beyond in order to come out a winner.


Giving Back – Some people want to help the less fortunate, an amazing factor indeed! They want to reach a level of success so that they have the a strong foundation themselves, before they can support the journey of others.


Status – People are driven by obtaining a certain position within their company, or winning a political election. They associate power with the idea of having a say in making important decisions to take their company, or position to the next level.


Rewards – Being recognized for their work or being given a reward drives certain people. They want a public declaration of their hard work and this is what pushes them to the next level.


Passion – People are driven because they truly love what they are doing and want to push themselves to obtain as much success as possible in that area of their lives.

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Pexels.com

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,

Manisha Sareen



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